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Monday, September 13, 2010


What do you first think of when you wake up in the morning?  If you are anything like me, in other words in a home modification trial, or trying to get one, the first thing you think of is the big boys, the bank.

Which agency should I address?  I have long since stopped calling Bank of America.  In fact when they call me now I have decided to tell them I have nothing to say if they are not offering me a permanent modification.  If the person calling knows nothing about my loan, but is calling in response to one of the complaints I made, I am not interested UNLESS HE HAS CALLED TO OFFER ME A PERMANENT MOD.

This is some kind of brain washing, some sort of secret torture. (Well not so secret) I could say oh its me I have an OCD personality, and maybe I do, but I see thousands of others doing the same silly things I am doing.  Fighting for this something that is actually a GAME, the banks are playing. 

I hate cliches.... but God to be a fly on the wall of THAT FATEFUL MEETING.  The ones that the SOBs sat around a table and said OK lets tell them we are going to do these modifications.  If we keep them in trials for long periods of time, we can "dual track" them into foreclosure and the whole time they will be paying.  Its guaranteed they won't even know what happened, it's genius!   It will QUADRUPLE OUR REVENUE!    Maybe there was a human being in the room who said, wait, but what about the home owner?  The ones with families?  Won't they be hurt.  That person was probably fired or shut up jack quick by the other robots who saw nothing but increased bonuses for themselves. 

How are these people so selfish?  Are all people that selfish?  In the same circumstances would we all do the same thing, and "justify" it to death?  Sadly I think most people would.  Human beings are horrible animals.

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