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Friday, April 29, 2011

BANK OF I SCREWED AMERICA OVER........... called me yesterday.

We are finishing up your mod she said. What mod I said? I was denied months ago, on every possible level. Oh no I am working on the last bit of your paperwork right now. Just send me over your P&L from the first quarter of last year and put a start and end date on it. That's it, you're approved. We ironed out that little occupancy issue. You mean that bogus crap you ruined my Thanksgiving over last year? That shit you made up stating that I don't live in my house? Yes, that one. I see now that you do live in your house, so I have corrected that.

Here we go again. I thought this ride from hell was over, but I guess we have a few more rounds to go. I gave her my email address in my stunned silenced state. She repeated it correctly, the email never came.

Today out of morbid curiosity I called them. You know who, BANK OF I SCREWED AMERCIA OVER. I was told that as of 4/28/11 (yesterday, the day I got that call,) I was denied due to the property not being owner occupied. Now I have no idea why this drives me nuts. Maybe if they said we are denying you because we want to, I wouldn't be so annoyed, but please STOP SAYING I DON'T LIVE IN MY HOME...... I LIVE HERE. After all BANK OF I SCREWED AMERCIA OVER, you yourself have sent out a mulititude of people to verify my occupancy. They have driven up my long private driveway, knocked on my door at 8 in the morning, asked me stupid questions about my lot size, etc. Can you at least just start saying, we want your house, we want the insurance money, we are going to steal it and we think there is a good chance we will get away with it.

Now I should have been annoyed that they said I was approved when they meant denied, but I keep letting that owner occupancy issue annoy me. I guess its a distraction. Some weird psychological warfare.

I did finally reach the person who called me, she said pay no attention to that man behind the curtain (the rep who said I was denied yesterday,) you were not denied, you were approved, (well not really,) I am sending your application over to your investor for approval, but WE APPROVED IT on our end, so I guess if you don't get it, its not our fault.