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Thursday, March 24, 2011

BTW I forgot to mention.

Bank of America told me I am still "under review" for both the HAMP and an in-house mod.... HEllO, about ten people told me I was denied and COULD NOT RE-APPLY. Whatever!

I read over my law suit today. I thought maybe I would be filing it soon so I might want to review it. Its unbelieveable what I went through last year. Reading it over was like suffering through it all over again. The damage that Bank of America and this scam did to me is indescribable. It changed me.

To them it was just another day at the office, and woo hoo a great year for business. Will their day ever come?

California bill to make banks pay 20,000 for each foreclosure.

Check out this article. Lets hope it gets through. This is exactly what we need. The banks need some motivation to MODIFIY LOANS.