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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BUYER BEWARE...... what else is new?


If you are a desperate and scared homeowner you could fall for this among other amazing scams out there, Making Home Affordable, being the biggest one of them.  But back to the Fair Home Loan Bureau, advertised on the Huffington Post.

The free part is the phone call and referral to an attorney.  OMG I just get more sick every day. 

The not so free part is the monthly payment that runs for the life of your loan if they save it, and I didn't even get so far as to ask what the payment is if they loose.  Probably the same thing but on your dead loan this time.

Here is part of their AD ON THE HUFFINGTON POST.

"A FREE service to American homeowners.

The Fair Home Loan Bureau was established to make home loan modifications easier and more accessible. Homeowners interested in home loan modifications should contact the Fair Home Loan Bureau first to begin the home loan modification process."

President Obama's Plan for Mortgage Modification
The Fair Home Loan Bureau was established after the enactment of the stimulus package to help Americans begin the loan modification process free of charge

Charlatans!  Pure unadulterated greed and nasty marketing.

BTW do you have to be an American to get scammed, or can you get scammed if you are a citizen of another country?

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