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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What a feeling! I filed today. It was a beautiful feeling to file that lawsuit ON THEM. The banks think they hold the reins. They direct us this way and that, and we follow out of fear, out of obedience, out of apathy.

Not all of us are following anymore. In fact many of us are leading now. We direct the reins,and they RESPOND! It feels much better to be on the horse, than to be the horse.

I invite all of my comrades in battle to do the same. In fact I will be posting my lawsuit for anyone who wants to copy and fill in their names, and file their own suit. The story is the same. Change a few facts and you have a viable lawsuit of your own. I will send it to you in word format so you can simply fill in the blanks and FILE.

I also will be getting my website up and running. Look for it in the near future.

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