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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phone log BOA 9/7/11

Called BOA again, just for fun.

I was told they are doing everything possible to help me save my home...cough...cough, and once again, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. The Act 91 notice or the Notice of Default as it is called in other states is just a notice.

I asked the nasty guy what the account reads.

Here it is:
April 5thth Investor Declined Mod
April 13th, loan reactivated
April 28th went to underwriter for review
Declined on same date.

That's so funny. Wasn't it April 28th when the rep from BOA called and told me the mod was Approved? Oh yeah it was, I even blogged about it on that date.

Also it states that the loan was declined because I am not occupying the property. Really? So I guess I am having an out of body experience, because my brain keeps telling me I am occupying the property. Yup, wood ceiling, fireplace, I see it all clear as day. In fact right at this moment I must be hallucinating because I see myself sitting at my dining room table with the red table cloth, looking out onto my deck where I have planters filled with vegetables I must have hallucinated that I grew this summer. Weird!

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