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Saturday, August 20, 2011


So finally the Act 91 arrives. Well Bank of America, I hope you are looking forward to yet another lawsuit.

Monday morning I file. My lawsuit will be posted next week sometime for anyone interested in filing their own suit. It costs 54 dollars to file, (and a lot of work to create the suit, but it was a labor of love.) How much money will it cost BOA to defend?

I am one person. I have all of my records neatly organized from the August 2009 until now. 2 years worth of neatly filed documentation. I have it all backed up on (obviously not on my main computer,) and I have hidden all the original hard copies at a secret location. I suggest anyone who wants to file do the same,as BOA has proven that they are not legitimate nor trustworthy.

How many cases does BOA have. In this case I dare say the borrower has the upper hand.

Join the fight. Don't take it lying down. Time to get mad, get crazy, get moving!

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