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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

Yesterday I faxed over more documents for the Bank of America pretend loan application. Today Lakia King called me at 2:35 PM to tell me that the loan modification has been denied because they have not received documents.

Calmly I asked her if she received the fax from yesterday, and she said no not yet. Not yet? Does Bank of America receive faximilies in a different time dimension than the rest of the world? In the world I am familiar with, a fax goes through in minutes, or it bounces. It does not travel along the Bank of America fax dimension railroad, aimlessly for weeks.

Well as a back up, I sent the whole package again, via FedEx this morning. I wonder if they will not receive that also? Maybe it will meet up with the missing fax and they will go out for a beer?

We all know they already won the game, the round, the scam, the whole pinata. So why are we still scrambling for a remnant piece of lost candy?


Anonymous said...

BOA has asked for my disability documents 7 times now. Today they asked to see the checking acct. statements with those deposits, the same ones we have shown them the last 6 months. We circled them with marker and emailed them back. My wife asked if she should begin to prepare our 2014 tax returns for them to see and the imbecile said ...yes.

We've considered going to our congressman or banking commission. Our congressman is a Pelosi lap dog the banking commission southern good 'ol boy dems.

BOA to big to Fail to big to fall

Still Dreaming said...

I think you should start getting the 2014s ready. You may be in this process until then!