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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FONT MATTERS or so they say.

So apparently the font I use is important when I file my lawsuit.  I guess the Judges don't want to have to sift through fruity fonts in pink.  Although that would be my preference.  I guess I will have to follow the rules. 

Word gave me a run for my lack of money, by adding extra paragraphs and pages everywhere.... why I ask you, why are these silly details driving me nuts?  But Hampwarrior took word DOWN, that's right, there is a tiny paragraph symbol mixed in with a lot of other mysterious symbols,  and when you click it you see that there are hidden paragraphs of nothing everywhere.  Why I have no idea... and the page breaks, whose idea were those?  So you click control and enter and viola there are mysterious page breaks all over your work.   BUT NO MORE WILL WORD CONTROL ME..

Not today anyway. 

What better way to spend a day than working on a lawsuit complaint to the company that stole the last year of my life, while watching Lassie?

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