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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

APRIL 18TH 2012

Lakia King called again.

She claimed that she needs more information. Keep in mind that I got both a letter from her saying that my loan is denied, and also a formal application for a new modification application, within the last 5 days.

She now says that I did not sign the profit and loss statement I sent in. I did not have the paperwork in front of me, so I said OK, fine. I just now looked at my copy, and of course there it is, SIGNED AND DATED! This is proof to me that they are not just careless, but in fact are LYING. If they say they didn't have it, and maybe it got lost, I suppose it could be true. To say that they have it, and it is not signed is a blatant lie, as I would never send them anything without keeping a copy!

Next she said my bank statements are no good. What that means I am not sure, and she didn't seem very sure either! She said they needed hard copies. I sent the package fed/ex, hard enough for you???? Of course maybe she meant I had to go to the bank and get originals, but this is not what she said, and oh yeah ALICE IN WONDERLAND, why am I still trying to make sense out of this????????????

She also said my commission vouchers ( which she called "pay stubs," were no good, because they need to have both the employer address and the employee address, and all the deductions on them.


She said I need to write a letter of explanation about that.

I think the letter should go something like this:

"Your underwriters are idiots. They should know that a commission voucher does not look like a pay stub. Hire some real underwriters."

The end.

Next, and this is pretty good, she said my hardship letter is "unacceptable."

Here it is:

Hardship Letter
March 13, 2012
What happened to me, someone who at the age of 51 has NEVER had bad credit? It’s simple, the banks got greedy. The CEOs felt that earning millions of dollars a year was not ENOUGH, they wanted more.
They sold loans to people based on false information (that the market was stable.) They then sold THOSE loans to innocent buyers (pension fund holders.) It’s amazing how long they actually got away with it. It seems to me, at this point, they would just modify the loans and incur some of the loss that they created. For some reason they still feel that they are entitled to this stolen money.
If the problem was me, then I would have had a history of bad credit. The problem was the scam that had to crash. Once I realized the market was going to crash, I put my house on the market. It went on the market one year after I bought it. Unfortunately it was already too late. I didn’t get one offer.
I continued to try to sell my home on and off through 2008-2009. I heard about the Making Home Affordable scam in early 2009. I wish I never had heard of it.
I went in CURRENT. I paid your ridiculous SEVEN TRIAL PAYMENTS (WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE THREE TRIAL PAYMENT PLAN, THAT I WAS PROMISED?) I PAID ON TIME, in fact I had never paid late. So why did you deny this modification? Oh because it was a phony ploy! So you then told me on September 17, 2010 a full year after I had applied, that the modification was denied. You went on to make up ridiculous things like I was not living in the home I was living in, all lies.
All this stress caused me tremendous anxiety. THIS CAUSED ME TREMENDOUS HARDSHIP.
The hardship continues. Since you sunk the real estate market and I am a Realtor, how on Earth can I make a living? Oh yeah, I can’t! I work endless hours, seven days a week, on these ridiculous short sale and bank owned scams. The banks back out at the last minute, and then they steal our commission the day before closing.


Unacceptable. Hmmm, I guess it would be.

Then for some reason, just to increase my ever mounting stress level, I decided to ask Lakia King if she knew that what she was doing was wrong, and simply needed to feed her family, or did she really believe that what she was doing was something like the work of a real loan officer?

Her tone dead response was frightening. Maybe they are all drugged at the beginning of their shifts? Who knows, I only know I shouldn't have asked, because it made me feel angry, sad, agitated, and hopeless.


divorcedmom12012 said...

I have been going thru the loan mod process for almost 2 years now, yes 2 years!!! They lowered my payment less than $50.00 a month... how is that helping me????????

Anonymous said...

Dear still dreaming, you are doing better than I am I called BofA 3/30/12 to request a home modification, the lady on the other end of the line reviewed my income and expenses and stated I qualified for assistance and should recieve a packet in the mail in a few days, I waited and waited and waited. Finally I called back and got my someone diffrent who went over my same numbers and stated I did not qualify for assistance. That being said I make a decent income for where I live and have a modest home with a payment of 870 pr month. I don't have unreasonable debt, 1 average car payment and have cut my budget to exclude any hope of savings or entertainment but because my house payment is not more than 31% of my income there is "no assistance" So because I was responsible when I bought my home and did not over spend but I am a victim of an economy where ALL of my other expenses are increasing by leaps and bounds, my income has shrank, and even the financial counseler couldn't find any place in my budget where I can cut my expenses, I, of all people, living in the lower middle class and can prove that the ends don't meet I dont qualify for any assistance. No food stamps, no free school lunches, no energy assistance, make too much to file bankruptcy, no pell grants for my 19 year old daughter and no HAMP. HUMMMM maybe I should quit my job and go to work for Burger King for a while. Maybe then I could get the assistance and make ends meet! Good Luck with your quest for assistance I give up I guess if BofA wants another house to try and sell in a market where no one is buying they can have it!

Still Dreaming said...

It is sad that a hard working woman like yourself can get no assistance, but who is really getting any assistance? They are not modifying any loans that I have seen. At least they had the decency to tell you no upfront. All the people who I know, have spent years and years sending in documents , and get denied later.

I understand the cutting back. I cut out cable years ago, I lived with hardly any heat for 2 years. Believe me I know. Well soon my nightmare will end. If your mortgage is 870 where do you live that you could get rent for less than that?

Still Dreaming said...

Divorced mom, I know what you have been through, two years of hell!

50 bucks? What a joke!