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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Office of the Comptroller, is as corrupt as the banks.

My official complaint (made in the fall of 2010) was answered this week(IN THE FALL OF 2011.) I accused Bank of America of denying my Hamp Modification without justification, of reporting me to the credit Bureaus when they weren't supposed to, of charging me late fees when they weren't supposed to, OF lying about missing paperwork and more.

The OCC sends me a letter with copies of letters that BofA sent to them stating that they did not report me to the credit Bureaus (they did and I have proof,) of not charging me late fees (they did and I have proof,) of denying my Hamp because the property is NOT owner occupied,(it is,) of denying me because I did not send in paperwork, I did, (and I have proof.)

They then said, the case is resolved and it is closed.

Which 3rd world country do we live in? Oh yeah, 3rd world America.

Not only do they have the audacity to send copies of letters stating that they are denying the Hamp because I don't live in the house (I never got this letter, BTW,) the letter is ADDRESSED TO THE HOUSE! They make no attempt to disguise their corruption, and the OCC makes no attempt to reveal it.

Yes I am occupying the house, if you have read any of my posts you know this has been a sore point for me since they started this nonsense, the day before Thanksgiving last year.

I sent the OCC a certified letter explaining that BofA is perjuring themself FURTHER by saying these things, AND YES I HAVE PROOF.

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