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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


First of all I would like to say thank you to all the people who have hit the streets and started this glorious protest. Some of these kids don't even know what they are fighting for, and maybe they haven't even suffered yet(much,) but they have ideals, and they know right from wrong. Right from wrong is pretty easy if you think about it. I have no idea how the Glenn Becks (giant baby-looking dude,) of this world do it. I have watched him, he makes no sense. He says cruel, nasty stupid things, not to mention that little obsession he has with the Nazis.

At the Occupy Allentown protest on the 3rd, an old man came up and starting arguing with us; he lives well on his social security and other people ought to live within their means too. Five minutes into the conversation, I realized I was dealing with a brainwashed child of Fox news; I let someone else take over the argument, which was clearly lost on him.

He is middle America, he is the Tea Party, the masses who just don't understand that they have been bamboozled, sold a bill of goods that in fact is just plain rotten.

The bigger point is, now that the gig is up, the truth is coming out and out and out. No more sitting at home in our soon to be foreclosed on homes crying in our soup. We are joining together to take down that giant. The truth is, being out there on the street with my comrades, and a few traitors, gave me a sense of hope, and one that I haven't felt in a long time.

The times, they truly are a changing.

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