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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BOA is calling me now offering me money. Its called the HAFA SCAM.

HA a lousy 3 grand to do a short sale. Well in case any of you are not familiar with the Short Sale, it is just another scam along the way of loosing your home. You market your home, let tons of creeps who are looking to feel pround of their shopping skills by landing a short sale, look through your home, open your cabinets, look through every crevice of your life, then if you are "lucky" one of these creeps submits an offer. Then your agent presents offer after offer to the banks who find something wrong with each offer. Each time you submit a new offer, you have to "prove" your lousy financial situation again. Its like applying for a modification all over again, and over again, and over again.

All this for 3 grand? Hello? If I just stay here rent free eventually the banks may offer me 10 grand to leave. So Bank of America. Screw you and all of your CEOs making a million 5 a year. You can all go to hell. And believe you me, we know you will.

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crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

Wow you feel about the same way I do about BofA. I am from No. NV and I just came across an article in the LV sun regarding ReconTrust, and their foreclosure practices. I'm not sure what state your in, but I guess a judge put a freeze on all foreclosures dealing with them since it seems the subsidiary of BofA does not have a license to do work in the state of NV. Lucky me, since thats who my letter is from. If you interested to pass along the info the link is:

One day they will get way or another. I have even gone as far as printing the NRS statutes and Legislative bill regarding foreclosures in this state. I am ammoing myself up with as much info as I can for this mediation. It's all I can do! Thank god I actually work for a law firm and get free legal advice! Good luck to you and you may email me as well.